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  • Keep things simple in terms of colours and patterns – avoid multi coloured or heavily patterned items which can distract the eye
  • For more formal portraits consider a plain shirt or something with a collar
  • For more contemporary portraits consider a simple white or black tee shirt
  • Bring a couple of changes
  • Longer sleeves tend to suit adults
  • Classic beats fashionable every time


  • Normal make-up if fine – do not put on extra or apply heavier than usual
  • Please bring some make-up with you for touch-ups during the shoot
  • We can book a make-up artist for you – additional charge applies


  • Your normal hairstyle will be fine. If however, you decide to get a haircut give it a week to settle in
  • Always bring a hairbrush


  • Avoid giving advance warning to your kids – children may get very excited or alternatively very apprehensive
  • Book a time of day that suits the child – this will enhance the process
  • If the child has a favourite toy feel free to bring it along


  • Pick a time after a nap – when energy levels are best
  • Please avoid sessions within a week on any inoculations
  • If the child has a favourite toy feel free to bring it along

Recent Wedding : Background Information

Bride:Regina from Santa Barbara California
Groom:Eric from Oregon
Location:Waterford Castle
Official:Margaret Farrell
Evening Drinks:T&H Doolan’s
Dress:J Crew
Hair/ Cake / Flowers & make up:All sourced by bride from local suppliers via their Web sites as was the photographer

The bride to be contacted me from Santa Barbara California to book a wedding shoot for herself and her husband-to-be Eric Healy

It was a small wedding at Waterford Castle – The service was performed by Margaret Farrell. An Evening drinks reception was held in T&H’S

The couple had meet four years previously in Waterford and briefed that the city and its streets should feature in their album



  1. Don't take chances. You can't retake the photographs so make sure you get a qualified professional photographer who is a member of a professional organisation with his / her own studio.
  2. Look at lots of photographs by the photographer. Make sure you see complete albums and not just the best shot from lots of weddings.
  3. Look at how the bride's dress is arranged. You want a photographer who knows how to do this quickly and properly. You will spend a lot a money on you dress. You want it to look stunning.
  4. Look at the family shots. Inexperienced photographers will often fail to organize groups properly resulting in awkward and unsightly arrangements.
  5. Leave enough time. As a general rule you need to leave roughly 4 hours from the start of the ceremony to the start of the meal plus driving time. This may seem excessive but it is better to have a little extra time to spend with your guests instead of having to rush and maybe miss out on some photographs.
  6. Have a Plan B. If you are planning an outdoor location for your photographs consider the possibility of bad weather.
  7. Consider the time of year. If you are getting married during the winter months remember it might be dark as early at 3.00 pm. A wedding at 1.00 pm or 2.00 pm may mean little or no outdoor photography.
  8. Finally...pick the photographer you like the most ...he or she will be inches from you on the most important day of your life
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